About Madoka Entertainment

Madoka Entertainment was founded by Kimiko Saito who has many years of singing and Japanese traditional music experience. She started Madoka Entertainment on January 1st 2015, in hopes of spreading the joys of singing and music. It is currently an informal service group that organizes events where amateur singers can showcase their talent. She has been a part of various success stories at many music events.


Why do we organize events? It is because we want to help and encourage young budding singers to discover their voice. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, casual, non-threatening environment where they can showcase their talent and grow at the same time. We really love music and our hope is that more people discover the joys of singing.


At the same time, we would like to help promote Japanese culture and music through events.


Some people have asked what Madoka means. In Japanese, it is often a female name which means “Circle”. We hope we can create a great “circle” of people who will help you improve your performances.